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crescent motorcycle accident attorneyCrescent City is located right at the northern edge of California, overlooking the incredible coast of Del Norte County. Because it’s situated in one of the most beautiful places in the western United States, it’s no wonder why so many local residents enjoy riding motorcycles. Aside from enjoying the views and fresh air, motorcyclists also enjoy reduced emissions, lower fuel costs, and an undeniable sense of adventure.

Even though riding a motorcycle has many benefits, it still comes with major risks, even for the most careful riders. Motorcycle collisions happen often and have a high chance of causing serious injuries. In many cases, these injuries have a huge impact on motorcyclists' lives.

As Crescent City Motorcycle Accident attorneys, our job is to help you and your family recover personally and financially following major motorcycle accidents.

We are Experts in Major Injury Claims

Personal injury claims can be complicated, and it’s not always easy to obtain the compensation you deserve. Often, at-fault parties and/or insurance companies will put considerable time and resources into building a legal defense. If the case involves a major injury, liable parties typically stand to lose much more money. They will be willing to defend themselves even more aggressively, making it much harder for survivors to obtain the compensation that they need.

Our law firm has focused exclusively on major injury cases since 1982. Because of this, we are seasoned experts when it comes to major injury claims. We know how to investigate accidents, negotiate with insurance companies, and argue cases in court to ensure our clients can recover their damages and move forward with their lives.

The “Personal” Personal Injury Attorneys

Throughout decades of practice, we’ve gained a reputation as the “personal” personal injury firm. This nickname reflects that we run our practice holistically, meaning that we focus on showing compassion and creating a personal connection with our clients.

Many attorneys prefer to keep their clients at an arms’ length while working on their cases. This business-like approach can work for some, but we believe that having a personal connection with our clients helps us to better understand the full extent of how their injuries have affected their lives. With this knowledge, we can be more effective advocates in courtrooms and during negotiations.

Del Norte County Motorcycle Accident Data

Data reported by local traffic agencies like the Crescent City Police Department and California Highway Patrol indicates that there were 1,580 auto accidents that caused injuries in Del Norte County between 2009 and 2020. Out of these 1,580 collisions, 149 involved a motorcycle. That's just under ten percent of Del Norte accidents were motorcyclist crashes.

Additionally, the data proves that Del Norte motorcycle accidents were significantly more dangerous than other collisions. While the fatality rate for all 1,580 crashes was around 5.8 percent, the rate for motorcycle accidents was at eight percent. Likewise, motorcycle accidents were 25% more likely to cause a severe injury.

How to Avoid Accidents While Riding a Motorcycle

Accidents are unpredictable, and nobody can say when or where one will take place. However, there are many things that motorcyclists can do to reduce their chances of being involved in a crash and suffering serious injuries. To learn more about driving safely on a motorcycle, you can watch this video:

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists typically do everything they can to protect themselves from injury and wear helmets, body armor, and other safety gear to stay safe. However, motorcyclists are still very vulnerable and are liable to sustain a wide variety of serious injury types during accidents. Some of the most common injury types for motorcyclists include:

These injuries often require a long recovery process as well as extensive medical attention. Injured motorcyclists may need surgeries, physical therapy, long-term medications, and more in order to fully regain their health. In some cases, motorcyclists never fully recover and are left with life-long health issues like chronic pain or impacted mobility.

All of these treatments can add up quickly and often leave motorcyclists with costly medical bills. Furthermore, people who suffer serious accident trauma may be unable to work, resulting in lost income and/or earning potential. Altogether, these issues can leave people in a dire financial situation.

Getting Help

Thankfully, injured motorcyclists can reach out for help from a Crescent City motorcycle accident attorney. An expert attorney can help you understand what compensation you may be able to claim for your injuries. If you decide to move forward with filing a claim, your attorney will be a critical part of holding liable parties financially responsible.

Not only are motorcyclists frequently able to claim compensation for medical bills and lost income, but they can also often obtain payments for other losses like personal suffering, damaged property, and more. However, the payments available vary widely from case to case, so it’s always best to seek advice from a lawyer before making any decisions. Because most attorneys are happy to give a free phone consultation to injured parties, there’s nothing to lose by getting advice from an expert.

Crescent City Motorcycle Accident Attorney

I’m Ed Smith, a Crescent City motorcycle accident attorney. Injured motorcyclists can be left in a difficult situation and deserve help. For our free, friendly advice regarding your injury case, reach out to us by calling (800) 404-5400 or (707) 564-1900.

My team and I have been working with people from Crescent City since 1982 and have obtained many successful settlements and verdicts. To find unbiased reviews of our practice written by the people we’ve helped, follow these links:

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