Sacramento Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Sacramento Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Do you need help or answers from an experienced Sacramento traumatic brain injury attorney? We wrote the book on traumatic brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries can be one of the most devastating events that a family can face. The impact of this type of injury to your family member is evident - and the long-term effect on both you and the injured person can sometimes last a lifetime

If you are looking for answers or guidance on what steps you need to take to help with this devastating injury, I can help. My name is Ed Smith and I'm a Sacramento brain injury attorney that's been assisting individuals and families since 1982. My team and I will make sure the right steps are being taken to protect your legal rights and get you the full compensation you deserve for your injury. Call us at (916-921-6400 for free, friendly advice.

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What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Head injuries or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are an all-too-frequent consequence of injury accidents, particularly auto accidents. The significant forces involved in vehicle collisions can produce not only the apparent results of major head trauma, but also the less obvious, but more frequent results of concussions, minor TBIs, and their long-term effects.

What Causes a Head Injury?

Closed head injuries may not produce visible traumas, but they can cause long-term, even permanent symptoms including headaches, short and long-term memory loss, irritability and mood swings, and loss of cognitive functions.

The injured person often may be unaware of these changes, or may only be vaguely aware that "something" is wrong. It is quite often the case that the injured person's family and friends may be the first to realize that something significant is occurring.

What Symptoms to Look for After a Brain Injury?

In any injury accident involving a blow to the head, the person and his/her family, friends and co-workers should be on the alert for any changes in the injured person's mental or emotional status. Significant or lasting changes should be reported promptly to a physician.

Even in those instances where a direct blow to the head has not occurred, it is wise to be careful. It has been shown, for example, that acceleration/deceleration injuries can be caused to the brain in cases where rapid speed changes occurred, even if there was no apparent striking of the head on other objects -- the medical evidence is that the brain can be "bruised" in these instances merely by impacting the inside of the skull when a sudden speed change happens.

A traumatic brain injury can only be properly evaluated with the input of experienced medical personnel including neuropsychologists, neurologists, and neuroradiologists.

The video below provides an overview of how traumatic brain injuries are treated.

Brain Injury Lawyers in Sacramento

I am a member of the Brain Injury Association of America. I have handled many TBI cases and am very experienced in the legal steps of proving and evaluating brain injury cases. If you believe that you or a family member may have suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of another person's negligence, you should seek immediate medical care for the injury - and then ask the advice of an attorney experienced in these cases.

Resources on Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Traumatic Brain Injury FAQs

Q. My husband suffered a brain injury a few months ago, and besides some confusion and fogginess, he seems to be angry all the time. Could this be a result of his head injury?

A. Anger and Aggression are very common after head or brain injuries.  Here’s an article that was published in Brainline on this topic. A registered nurse and professor also wrote a very personal account of her husband’s anger after a brain injury and how she helped him deal with it.

Q: How long does it take to recover from a traumatic brain injury?

A: The rate of improvement varies for each person. The fastest improvement typically happens in the first six months after the initial injury. The injured person will likely think and move better during this time. As time progresses, the recovery speed will slow down. However, the person may continue to improve for years following the injury. For this reason, doctors recommend that those suffering from a brain injury maintain their brain health for the rest of their lives. Brain health is maintained through healthy behaviors such as diet and exercise while avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Q: How does brain injury affect a person?

A: Brain function can be temporarily impaired even after a minor head injury such as a concussion. This injury can lead to complications like headaches, fatigue, dizziness, depression and memory issues. These symptoms can last months or years after a head injury. Those who have suffered severe brain injury typically have long-term complications that can affect their personality and their ability to lead independent lives. Even with family support and rehabilitation, brain injury survivors are likely to face challenging and uncertain futures.

Sacramento Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Brain Injury Lawyer. If you or a loved one has suffered a head or brain injury and would like to discuss your legal options, call me at 916.921.6400 or 800.404.5400 for free, friendly legal advice.

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