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Oroville is a beautiful place. As a historic gold town situated right at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in between two beautiful bodies of water, it’s got plenty of views to offer. For this reason, it’s no wonder why so many area residents enjoy walking around as a means of transportation.

However, whenever pedestrians walk on or near roads used by vehicles, there’s always the possibility that an accident will happen. While Oroville has a relatively small population and doesn’t typically see a high volume of traffic, it only takes a single crash to cause life-changing or even fatal injuries.

As Oroville Pedestrian Accident Lawyers, our mission is to help auto accident survivors recover their financial and personal well-being after serious auto accidents.

We Specialize in Major Injury Cases

Pedestrians aren’t protected by airbags, seat-belts, or walls of steel and are very likely to sustain major injuries in the event of a crash. Because pedestrian injuries tend to be severe, they also usually have a huge economic impact, meaning that the associated personal injury claims are highly valuable.

To avoid paying for these expensive damages, at-fault parties will usually put significant resources into building a legal defense and avoiding responsibility for the incident. Sadly, this can make claiming fair compensation especially difficult for injured pedestrians.

However, our law firm has specialized exclusively in high-value injury cases for nearly four decades, and each one of our lawyers is a seasoned expert when it comes to these kinds of claims. We’ve got the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to ensure our clients can obtain the full amount of compensation they deserve, even if at-fault parties put up a fight.

Wrongful Death Cases

Sadly, accidents can have tragic consequences. Families that lose loved ones in pedestrian accidents also often face the loss of a major source of income and/or household services. In some cases, families are left with expensive medical bills for treatment given before their loved one passed away.

While it isn’t possible to replace the love and care that your family member used to provide, our firm can help families obtain payments to cover their economic and personal losses following fatal pedestrian accident cases. By working compassionately for our clients and advocating strongly for their rights, we have been able to help many people obtain financial security in a challenging time.

Pedestrian Accidents in Oroville

According to data reported by area traffic agencies like the California Highway Patrol and Oroville Police Department, there were 979 traumatic vehicle accidents in Oroville between 2009 and 2020. These collisions included 117 pedestrian-involved crashes. This means that pedestrian collisions made up around 12 percent of all auto accidents in Oroville over the last decade.

Furthermore, pedestrian accidents in Oroville tended to involve much more serious injuries than the average crash. The fatal injury rate for all traumatic auto accidents in the city during the time period in question was around 2.6, while the rate for pedestrian accidents was 9.4. That means accidents involving pedestrians were well over three times as likely to cause a deadly injury. Similarly, pedestrian accidents were around twice as likely to include severe trauma.

How to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian

Pedestrians can’t predict exactly where a crash is going to happen, and accidents are always unexpected. However, pedestrians can do plenty of things to reduce their personal risk while walking on Oroville roads. Some of the best ways for pedestrians to stay safe are outlined in the below video from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

Finding a The Right Attorney

Having an attorney early on in a case can be critical, and the sooner you have an Oroville pedestrian accident lawyer on your side, the better. However, many people delay reaching out to a lawyer because they don’t know how to find one they know they can trust. Fortunately, looking for an excellent attorney to help you with your case is simple if you know what to look for. While searching for a pedestrian accident lawyer in Oroville, keep these simple things in mind:

  • Does my lawyer have a good reputation? - Your attorney should have the respect of their community and a good reputation among the clients that they’ve served in the past. You can easily find out about a lawyer’s reputation by searching them online and reading reviews on third-party websites like Avvo or Yelp.
  • Does my lawyer have the right experience? - To be confident that your lawyer will know how to handle your case, you should be sure that they’ve successfully resolved similar cases in the past. An easy way to research this is to look at your attorney’s prior settlements and verdicts. Most lawyers will list these on their website. If you cannot locate them there, your attorney should be excited to share them with you personally.
  • Does my lawyer have the resources to handle my case? - Major injury claims take a lot of time and money. Smaller law firms often simply don’t have the manpower to do an adequate job. A quick way to get an idea of how many resources your attorney is willing to put into your case is to ask them whether or not they would go to trial. Their answer will give you a good idea of what they’re willing to do to make sure you are fairly compensated.
Oroville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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