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Napa Brain Injury Lawyer

Napa Brain Injury Lawyer

Few injuries have the potential to change a family as quickly and as drastically as a traumatic brain injury. Although there have been new developments in the diagnosis and treatment of head and brain injuries, neurological damage can still be devastating. Importantly, the impacts are felt not only by the individuals but also by their family and friends.

While this research has led to newfound hope for individuals that previously had none, countless families are still impacted every year by traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes, these individuals develop complications and comorbidities stemming from the head trauma that could affect themselves and their families for the rest of their life. Therefore, it is essential for every family dealing with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to think about some of the points below.

Time Matters in a Brain Injury

One of the most important factors that everyone needs to remember is that time matters in brain injuries. The brain is a delicate network of many neurons that power the motor and sensory function of the entire body. Furthermore, these neurons are also responsible for the judgment, inhibition, and executive function of the brain. 

Unfortunately, unlike other parts of the body, the neurons in the brain do not regenerate once damaged. Therefore, any damage to these neurons is often permanent. Following a traumatic brain injury, it is essential for everyone to seek medical care as quickly as possible. As the saying goes in the medical field, time is tissue. The sooner a TBI is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome for the individual.

How is a Brain Injury Diagnosed?

The first step in the management of a TBI is the diagnosis. This starts with obtaining an accurate history. There are several mechanisms through which an individual might suffer a TBI. Some of the most common mechanisms include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including auto accidents and motorcycle accidents
  • Auto vs. pedestrian injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries such as those on a wet floor or an icy sidewalk
  • Workplace accidents, particularly those involving heavy objects and stairs
  • Physical assault
  • Contact sports

If the mechanism of the injury creates concern for a traumatic brain injury, the physician will likely order a few tests. These tests help to characterize both the location and the severity of the injury. Two common scans are used to help diagnose a traumatic brain injury. These include:

  • CT ScanA CT scan is fast and creates a three-dimensional image of the head. It uses differences in density to generate its picture. On the other hand, this scan also requires a lot of radiation to produce its image. It is great at showing bone fractures and brain bleeds but doesn’t provide much detail about the brain tissue.
  • MRI ScanAn MRI produces a more detailed three-dimensional image than a CT scan. It shows not only bones and fluid but also changes in the brain tissue. While this scan does not use any radiation, it takes a long time to produce its picture. Therefore, this is typically only done after the individual has been stabilized.
Complications Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

If the diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury is confirmed, several complications could develop. Some of these include:

  • Chronic PainOne of the most devastating complications is chronic pain. If the neurons inside the brain have been damaged, they often have trouble perceiving the signals from the rest of the body. The brain often translates these signals as pain.
  • Motor LossDepending on the location of the injury inside the brain, the individual could suffer a cervical sprain or lose the function of one or more limbs. This could take the form of reduced strength, reduced range of motion, or coordination difficulties.
  • Memory LossOne of the most challenging aspects of a traumatic brain injury for a family to deal with is the loss of memories. Sometimes, people who have suffered a TBI struggle to identify the faces of family members and friends. This can be tough for a family to process.
  • Mental Health StrugglesStudies have shown that individuals who have suffered a TBI have higher rates of mental health disorders than the general population. These include depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and dementia.

It is a good idea for family members and friends to be prepared for these complications following a severe head injury. The earlier these complications are identified, the faster the individual can get the help that he or she deserves.

This informative video gives us a closer look at how a traumatic brain injury occurs and how it can affect millions of people every year.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: A Large Toll

When a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, the family needs to focus on the recovery process. This means focusing on their loved one and not the paperwork. For this reason, it is vital to reach out to a caring Napa brain injury lawyer who knows how to talk about disability claims, handle insurance companies, and hold individuals accountable. 

Brain Injury Lawyers in Napa

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