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Morada in San Joaquin County may be on the edge of Stockton, but its location has a lot to offer. Because it is next to Highway 99, local residents can easily go to Sacramento, only 50 miles away, Modesto, and if they are adventurous, they can spend the day in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the risk of a loved one suffering a wrongful death can happen in a number of ways. When it does and negligence by another individual or entity was the cause, the family can file a claim to recover damages with the help of a Morada wrongful death lawyer. 

Help After Losing Someone You Love

It is always heartbreaking to lose someone you love. It can be far worse when a loved one dies due to a negligent driver or other entity such as an airplane crash or wrongly prescribed medicine. Not only are the family members grieving and in shock, but they are also angry that their loved one's life was taken. 

Our Morada wrongful death attorneys and law firm have helped many families in San Joaquin County recover the compensation they deserve following a wrongful death. In this way, family members do not have to worry about the burden of financial distress following a death and can continue mourning the loss of their loved one knowing the at-fault party was held responsible. 

You can meet with our attorneys in person or virtually, free of charge and without any obligation, to review your case, find out what options you have for recovering damages and ask any questions you have.

Claimants Who Are Eligible to Sue for Wrongful Death

A claim for wrongful death may be brought by the personal representative of the decedent's estate or the following family members according to California Civil Procedure Code 377.60 - 377.62:

  • In the event of wrongful death, the decedent's spouse may file a claim.
  • The decedent's minor children who received at least 50 percent of their support from the decedent may also be entitled to join the claim. The decedent's stepchildren may all be entitled to join the claim as can adopted sons and daughters.
  • If the decedent's child predeceased them, their offspring may file.
  • In the event the decedent had no immediate family, parents of the deceased and siblings may file.
Accidents Involving Negligence That Can Lead to a Wrongful Death

If negligence or an intentionally harmful act caused someone's demise, a wrongful death has occurred. Morada's wrongful death attorneys can assist your family in obtaining the compensation they deserve in the event you’ve lost a loved one in this way. A wrongful death can occur in the following ways:

  • Traffic collisions: Traffic accidents, including those involving a motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian are the most common causes of wrongful death.
  • Rideshares: When accidents are the fault of an Uber or Lyft driver, the family can place a claim to recover compensation when it results in a wrongful death. However, due to the complexity of the liability and multiple insurance companies that have to be dealt with, getting help from a Morada wrongful death lawyer is a good idea.
  • Medical malpractice: Malpractice or negligence by hospitals, physicians, healthcare workers, pharmacists and others can lead to a wrongful death. Common causes include wrong or incorrect dosages of medications, wrong-site surgeries, misdiagnoses, defective medical devices, birth injuries and neglect or abuse.
  • Plane crashes: Airplane crashes can result in wrongful death if the pilot, manufacturer or control tower is to blame for the loss of your loved one.
  • Bus fatalities: Wrongful deaths while riding on or being struck by a bus may be caused by the driver, employer or poor maintenance.
  • Workplace: Accidents in the workplace can lead to a wrongful death due to unsafe conditions, lack of safety measures, dangerous chemicals, illness from exposure, explosions and faulty equipment. 
  • Dog attacks: Dog bites or attacks can cause a wrongful death if the animal wasn’t kept under control by the owner. In some cases, the attack itself can lead to death. In others, exposure to bacteria and infections caused by the bite can be fatal.
  • Dangerous premises: Whether in a private home, public place or building or on a government-owned location, poor maintenance or design may lead to a fatal accident. 
  • Dangerous products: Defects in vehicles, medications, children’s toys, appliances and many other products can lead to a wrongful death. In these cases, the manufacturer, parts designer and others may be liable.
  • Farm accidents: There are many dangerous conditions on a farm or ranch, and accidents are not unusual. However, negligence can involve defective equipment, unsafe work conditions and acts by the owner.
  • Nursing home abuse and negligence: Nursing homes and employees can be held responsible for the deaths of those residents who died from abuse and/or neglect.
What Damages Can Be Recovered After a Wrongful Death Claim Is Made

Morada wrongful death attorneys can recover damages for their clients based on the individual circumstances of each family. These damages typically include:

  • Families may be able to recoup the funeral and burial expenses for their loved ones.
  • Until the decedent's normal retirement age, the salary or income earned by them can be recouped. In addition to recovering the wages, the family can receive the pension and insurance coverage, commissions, tips, bonuses and the value of other perks the decedent received through their job. Tax filings and receipts can be used to prove income and support the claim if the deceased individual was self-employed.
  • In addition to claiming loss of consortium, a surviving spouse or putative spouse may also claim for the love and emotional support provided by the deceased, which has now been lost.
  • The children may claim the loss of mentorship and guidance from the decedent. This includes both adopted and natural as well as stepchildren the decedent supported by at least half.
  • Depending on the circumstances, losses relating to inheritance may be recoverable. If the decedent had lived, this is what the beneficiaries would have received.
  • The family of a deceased loved one may decide to pursue a survival action if the decedent lived for a while before dying. Survival actions differ from wrongful death claims in that they are brought on behalf of the deceased and also cover any medical expenses incurred before death.
  • Should the case go to civil court, the family may ask for punitive damages if the death was particularly egregious or on purpose. Punitive damages do not compensate the family for their loss. As punishment and a deterrent to future offenders, the awards are given to the offender's family. 

Attorney Ed Smith explains how you can find a lawyer who is qualified to handle your case in the video below:

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