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I’m Ed Smith and I’m a Modesto truck accident and personal injury attorney. I am also the founder of, where I have written and published thousands of articles to help injured truck accidents victims and others who have suffered personal injuries get the help that they need while they are recovering from their injuries.

Modesto has a wonderfully rich history of agriculture. If you are a first-time visitor, especially in the springtime, you have to indulge in the nuts, veggies, and fruits that Modesto yields. If you live in Sacramento or San Francisco, Modesto is a nice day trip, where you will find the ocean, the mountains, and world-renowned parks, all in one place.

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My law firm is a focused personal injury practice that takes on only the most serious personal injury cases in Modesto. You can read my biography to get a good idea about who I am and you can visit my staff page to meet my wonderful staff. They are like my family.

We also treat our clients like family. If you would like to hear what my past clients have said about me, you should check out Google, Avvo, and Yelp, for starters.

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Please call me at (209) 227-1931 for free and friendly advice. Be sure to ask for me, Ed.

Modesto Personal Injury Cases

The cases we take on include:

  • Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents. At my law firm, we limit the amount of cases that we take and only represent clients that have been in serious accidents. Truck accidents are some of the more serious accidents cases we have handled. Due to the weight of commercial trucks, the impact that occurs in accidents tends to cause more serious injuries.
  • Product Liability. Most of the product liability cases that I have handled involved a dangerous manufacturing or design defect of a commercial truck or other vehicle that caused a serious or fatal crash. These cases are often complex, involving witnesses and expert testimony, as well as extensive amounts of evidence.
  • Premises Liability. Typically, these types of cases involve injuries that are suffered by clients while they are in commercial establishments that yielded some type of dangerous situation or condition. You may have heard of “slip and fall accidents.” Those are common types of premises liability The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that falls are the number one non-vehicular cause of accidental deaths in the U.S. Many possible factors may contribute to a slip and fall accident, including slippery floors, poorly crafter walkways, or poor lighting.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, also known as “TBI,” are typically the result of some type of head trauma. The cases that I have seen the most included either a serious fall or a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, brain injuries do not always manifest at the first doctor’s appointment, or even the second or third. In time, the injury will begin to reveal physical, emotional, and cognitive issues. Sadly, many people will end up enduring this condition for the rest of their lives. For cases like this, I will often use qualified medical experts to testify about the brain injury and the long-term effects to obtain appropriate compensation for my clients who will have to live with it the rest of their lives. 
  • Wrongful Death. When someone passes away and another person’s negligence or act of recklessness caused their death, a wrongful death case may be pursued. I have helped families pursue wrongful death claims on behalf of their domestic partners, spouses, parents, children, siblings, and other family members. If you are a plaintiff in a wrongful death matter, you can request compensation for a wide variety of damages, including medical and hospital bills, loss of income (including potential future earnings), and loss of consortium for the person who lost their life.

My Past verdicts and settlements speak for themselves. Feel free to take a moment to read through them, as they will give you a good idea of what to look for when you are choosing your attorney.

Frequent Causes of Truck Accidents
  • Inadequate training regarding safe driving
  • Violations of Federal Laws and Regulations regarding hours and rest periods
  • Unrealistic expectations of trucking companies regarding expected delivery times
  • Failure to keep a proper lookout
  • Improper turning maneuvers
  • Following to closely
  • Unsafe loading of cargo
Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Modesto Truck Accident Case

There is no doubt that searching for a personal injury attorney is overwhelming. Sure, there are plenty to choose from. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that there are so many personal injury attorneys to choose from, and they all make such similar sounding promises, it is difficult to differentiate one from the other.

Remember that you only get one chance at winning your case. Whether you settle with the insurance agency or you take your case to court, you will only ever have one shot to get the compensation that you are entitled to. If you settle with the insurance company, understand that you will sign paperwork that states in great detail that you will never be able to sue the insurance company for future pain and suffering, so you need to be completely satisfied with the amount that you settle on.

If the insurance company does not offer you an amount that you can be satisfied with the rest of your life, then you will need an attorney who has a substantial amount of experience in the personal injury trial arena, so to speak. In fact, you will want someone who knows the ups and downs and ins and outs of personal injury trial law if you have to battle an insurance company and its bigtime lawyers in the courtroom.

To help you make the decision process a little easier on you, I have put together some tips on choosing the right attorney in this YouTube video:

Modesto FAQ

Do you know which intersections are the most dangerous in Modesto?

Yes. Here is a listing, according to TIMS Berkeley, of the most dangerous intersections in Modesto:

  • Standiford Ave. & Tully Road
  • Briggsmore Ave. & Oakdale Road
  • Briggsmore Ave. & Carver Road
  • Carpenter Road & Woodland Ave.
  • Carver Rd. & Orangeburg Ave.
  • Rumble Road & Tully Rd
  • El Vista Ave. & Mitchell Road & Yosemite Blvd
  • California Ave. & Carpenter Road
  • Bodem St. & Scenic Dr.

Can you recommend a good auto repair shop in Modesto?

Yes. The following auto repair shops in Modesto have good reviews:

California House of Auto
1124 Kansas Ave.
Modesto, CA 95351
(209) 575-5028

Sunset Automotive
301 Kansas Ave.
Modesto, CA 95351
(209) 522-5794

Can you recommend a good chiropractor in Modesto?

Yes. The following chiropractors have good reviews in Modesto:

Michael Taylor Chiropractic
1421 Standiford Ave.
Modesto, CA 95350
(209) 521-1122

Modesto Chiropractic Center
409 Coffee Rd.
Modesto, CA 95255
(209) 527-5346

My name is Ed Smith and I’m a Modesto truck accident and personal injury lawyer. Please call me today so I can start helping you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries you have suffered. Call me at (209) 227-1931 . Ask for me, Ed.


Client Reviews
Me and my wife; had a car accident. We were amazed how easy, professional, friendly attorney Ed Smith is along with his staff. Everybody is amazing. Thank you so much, we are very impressed! Alex & Dinah M.
Ed Smith and his office team took on a difficult personal injury case on my behalf and for the passenger in my car. Ed is a top- notch attorney. His staff couldn't have been more helpful and kind. No need to look elsewhere. I give Ed Smith my highest recommendation. Beverly
Ed and Robert have been taking great care of my husband and I for the past 5+ years. They are always there when you have a problem and a quick resolution! Even when the issues have nothing to do with them. They are willing to help ease the pain off your shoulders. They are as good as it gets! Thank you again for everything. Annie T.
Very professional. Great team, staff and service all around. Mr Smith was very honest, straight forward with his advice. He gives the word "attorney" an honest reputation. I will seek his council anytime, and would recommend him at the drop of a dime. Jeremy M.
I would highly recommend Ed Smith to any friends or family in need of a personal injury attorney. Ed, and his staff, are very caring on top of being very experienced in this field. The staff always keeps you informed of the status of your case and they are always easy to reach by phone. Shannon D.
Edward Smith law offices provide competent, thorough, and personable help for victims of personal injury. When you first meet the staff you know you contacted the right office. This law office treats clients like people. I recommend this office to anyone seeking representation regarding personal injury. David M.