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Livingston is a small agricultural town in Merced County in the fertile San Joaquin Valley. It is near where the railroad crosses the Merced River, and Highway 99 meanders through Livingston. Its population rose in the last census in 2010, with 13,058 residents up from 10,000 a decade earlier. 

An increase in population also means more traffic accidents in the area. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an accident due to no fault of your own, give our experienced Livingston personal injury lawyers a call at (209) 227-1931 for a free consultation.

Traffic Accident Statistics in Livingston, CA

No matter where you live or how careful you are, accidents happen. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), in Livingston, where 35 people were injured or killed in 2017. Alcohol was involved in 11 of the 35 accidents, and there was one pedestrian accident and three that involved bicyclists. There were no motorcycle accidents that year. The OTS reports that seven accidents involved a fleeing driver, two occurred at night, and one involved speeding. Over the year, there were 34 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Help From a Livingston Car Accident Attorney 

At, our staff, lawyers, and investigators understand the trauma and emotional stress a car accident causes. We do everything in our power to help our clients move forward after an accident. We refuse to believe that anyone injured by someone else’s negligence should have to pay for the financial toll the accident takes. We apply our legal acumen and investigative skills to obtain the compensation you need and deserve after being injured or killed by a family member. 

Proving Fault in a Motor Vehicle Accident

The injured party needs to prove that negligence caused damages. Without this, the case will not be successful in civil court or considered by insurers. To prove that the at-fault party was negligent, we send our investigators to the accident site to gather evidence. This comes from various sources, including surveillance cameras on traffic lights and from businesses and homes. Our investigative team interviews witnesses who saw the accident and reviews police reports for inaccuracies. By using accident reconstruction, the investigators can see the placement of the vehicles before and after a crash. 

Our investigators also examine the road surfaces for marks, potholes, and the condition of stop signs. In doing this, they may show that government agencies responsible for road upkeep are derelict in their duty. If poor maintenance is responsible for the car accident, a lawsuit can be filed against the offending government entity. However, there are different rules and time limits in this type of suit, and our injury lawyers will make sure that all documents are filed in a timely fashion. Finally, when all the evidence is gathered, it is released to our Livingston car accident lawyers to build a strong case for our client.

What to Do After a Car Accident

Immediately after a car crash where you are injured, chances are you are in pain and scared. The situation is likely chaotic, and your anxiety level is undoubtedly high. If possible, there are a few things you need to be cautious of:

  • Be aware that injuries might not always be evident since your adrenaline rush can mask the symptoms for hours. If someone asks you how you feel, be noncommittal. If you say you’re okay, it can be used against you later.
  • Never apologize for the accident. It is natural for people to feel bad when others are hurt, even though it is not their fault. Even an insurance adjuster can misconstrue a simple expression of sorrow as guilt. 
  • You will need to report the accident. Some insurance companies ask if your statement can be recorded. It is best to refuse, and this has nothing to do with your veracity. Insurers often will take a simple statement and turn it around to use against you.
  • If the insurer asks for your medical records, it is best to refer them to your attorney. They are often on a fishing trip to see if there is something in your records that they can use against you. For instance, if you injured your neck in the past and suffered a new neck injury, the insurer may be tempted to say your pain is from a previous incident.
  • Think before you jump at an insurer’s offer. Once you accept their payment, the case is over. It is best to wait until treatment is completed to do that. If it isn’t and you need further treatment down the line, you will not be able to ask the insurer to pay for it. Your Livingston personal injury attorney will give more insight into this. 
  • Insurers do not like huge payouts. It stands to reason that the greater the injury, the bigger the insurance company payment needs to be. That is why insurers will often drag the process on when grave injuries are involved. This is done to wear down the injured person who feels a financial crunch. 
  • Don’t allow an insurance adjuster to frighten you into accepting a payment offer. Somewhere around 85 percent of all cases settle because of intimidation by the insurer. 
How a Personal Injury Claim Works

Personal injury claims are civil lawsuits brought against an at-fault party or their insurance company. Having an accident lawyer in Livingston on your side is recommended in many cases. Studies have shown that compensation is higher when an injured party has retained a legal representative. The attorney can discuss the accident with the insurer and answer any questions. 

Next, a demand letter is sent to the insurance company outlining damages. Negotiations will begin if the insurer fails to offer compensation that meets the injured party’s needs. Frequently, the insurer will offer a low-ball amount, knowing that the inability to work affects the injured party and their family. 

If negotiations do not obtain fair compensation, the case is brought to civil court. Choosing a Livingston auto accident attorney is as comfortable at the negotiation table as in court is essential. 

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our law firm has exclusively handled personal injury cases since 1982. We’ve helped clients obtain the compensation they deserve in a variety of injury cases such as:

Choosing the Best Injury Lawyer for Your Case

It is essential to become familiar with a lawyer’s practice before retaining them. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Check out their page on the internet. Most lawyers will post information about their practice online. One particular area that might be of special interest is their verdicts and settlements page, which lets you know how the attorney resolved previous cases. 
  • Take advantage of their free first consultation if they offer one. This allows you to directly interact with the attorney and gauge whether they are right for you.
  • Check into the lawyer’s ability to investigate your accident. We use our own investigators who are trained in this type of work. 
  • Determine if the attorney has the resources to hire experts to testify in your case. 
  • Ask about the attorney’s credentials. This includes organizations they belong to. Check whether they have written articles or books on legal subjects. Their knowledge base is vital to your case. 
  • Look at reviews found on the following sites: Avvo, Yelp, and Google.

Watch the video below to learn how to choose the best Livingston personal injury lawyer for you:

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Being involved in a car accident or other personal injury is a traumatic experience. Call our experienced Livingston personal injury lawyers for free and friendly advice at (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400. We can also be reached online if that is more convenient for you.

Since 1982, we’ve helped clients in Livingston and surrounding areas with car accidents, wrongful deaths, and other traumatic incidents.

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