Lincoln, CA Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

Lincoln, CA Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

Thanks for coming to my Lincoln, California page. I’m Ed Smith, a Lincoln Personal Injury attorney originally from Brooklyn, NYC who since 1969 has called Northern California my home. So you’ve been in an accident and had a serious injury. You’re likely here because you don’t personally know an injury lawyer and may not understand how to choose a good one.

In short, I handle large, serious injury cases in Lincoln, from my main office in Sacramento. Now there are attorneys in Lincoln that are qualified to handle smaller cases with less serious injuries. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with a minor injury though I can refer you to local attorneys who can help you and do a good job on smaller cases. I only handle serious injury or death cases in Lincoln.

My Firm Handles Serious Accident Cases In The Following Areas
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Injuries
  • Bicycle Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Dog Bite Cases
  • Wrongful Death

I’ve focused throughout my career on building a strong, very personal connection with my clients and their families. Some people go so far as to call me the “Personal” personal injury lawyer.

I’m from New York. I’ll talk to you straight. If your case has holes, I’ll tell you about them. If it’s solid, I’ll let you know that too. I believe in brutal honesty with you, with the court and with the jury. A legal arena is no place to play “hide the ball.” If you’re a solid person with a real injury and the other party’s at fault, I’ll do a great job for you if we’re a fit.

My Personal Injury Philosophy

I mean that not everyone is a fit for everyone else. Not every lawyer is ideal for every client. Many lawyers and some clients keep an arm’s length distance from each other. It’s strictly a professional relationship. That’s fine for some people and cases, but it’s not good for me. I can’t explain to a jury how an injury affects you and your family unless I know you and them very well. In most large cases, I meet with client’s in their homes and talk for hours with them and their family members. I really need to know you before I can present your case well.

I want to know your dreams, your loves, your disappointments, and your challenges. And it’s not a one-way street. I’ll be open with you about my life as well. Nonetheless, I think it would benefit you to give me a call.

Here’s my philosophy. You’re the Captain of the ship when it comes to accepting or denying offers on your case. I’ll tell you if I think the offers are too low, in which case I may counsel to go to trial or mediate. If I feel the offer is in the fair ballpark, I’ll tell you why, the downsides of going forward as well as the potential upside. I’m a pretty good navigator of the legal thicket, but it’s your case, and I work for you.

While I will do my best to resolve your serious injury case as quickly as possible, I do not rush the process. That serious injury needs to be permanent and stationary before we attempt case resolution. My staff and I communicate with you every step of the way. Our goal is to understand your perspective and work with you instead of trying to order you around. We discuss a possible case strategy and agree together on a plan of action to secure the most favorable result for you and your family.

A Little Bit More About Me

I’ve been a trial lawyer since 1982 graduating from UC Davis then Mc George School of Law. I served in an Airborne Unit in Vietnam in 1969-1970. I have the most comprehensive injury lawyer website in California, www. Here’s a bit more about my staff and me.

I have had a TV show called “Ask a Lawyer” on cable for over 10 years. I share my knowledge and experience with my clients in several books available on Amazon, including The California Motorcycle Accident Handbook and The Ultimate California Auto Accident Handbook.

In my spare time, I enjoy snorkeling, travel, reading, finance, art, music and architecture.

Here’s a video I made recently about how to select a good personal injury attorney, even if it’s not me.

Lincoln Personal Injury FAQ's

Q. How do I go about ordering a Lincoln police report?

A. After a traffic accident in Lincoln, you will need to obtain a copy of the Lincoln police report regarding the accident. You can follow these simple steps:

Go into the front counter of the Lincoln Police Department (LPD) to obtain a request form between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at this address:

770 7th St.
Lincoln CA 95648

After hours, the LPD leaves forms in a mailbox outside, where you can obtain one. You can also print a request off the website at this link and fill it out ahead of time. However, you cannot submit the form electronically and will need to bring it to the Lincoln PD yourself along with a photo ID.

If you have any further questions, you can call the non-emergency line at the Lincoln PD at (916)645-4040. You can also reach the receptionist at (916)645-4088 for further information. Fill out as much information as possible, including the report number, date of the accident and how you were involved in the crash. Remember to fill in your mailing address and a daytime phone number.

Q. How long will it take to obtain a copy of the report?

A. Usually, it takes about 10 days for the LPD to mail you a copy of the report. Keep in mind that the officers also need about 10 days to submit the report.

Q. How much will the report cost?

 A. Almost all police reports are less than 10 pages, in which case there is no charge. The department charges a nominal fee for reports that are longer than 10 pages.

Q. I am suffering from muscle aches after my accident. Can you recommend any Lincoln chiropractors?

A Yes. The following chiropractor has an excellent rating on Yelp.

Joshua Longo, DC
1105 East Ave
Lincoln, CA 95648
Phone number (916) 645-3890

Q. Can you suggest a reputable mechanic to repair my car in Lincoln?

A. Yes. The following businesses rate well on Yelp:

A & R Auto Tech
170 Flocchini Circle
Lincoln, CA 95648
Phone number (916) 645-1883

Duncan’s Automotive
185 Flocchini Circle
Lincoln, CA 95648
Phone number (916) 645-2860

Q. Can you tell me where the most dangerous intersections in Lincoln are located?

A. Driving along Lincoln Boulevard is very dangerous, so use extra caution on this route, especially watching for cars that are entering the road from the many strip malls. Here are the most hazardous intersections for the dates from January 1, 2005 to Dec. 31, 2013 along with the number of accidents at or very close to the intersection:

  • 31 accidents – Lincoln Blvd. between Joiner Pkwy & Ferrari Ranch Rd.
  • 26 accidents - Lincoln Blvd. between 2nd and 3rd St.
  • 22 accidents - Lincoln Blvd. & Sterling Pkwy.
  • 18 accidents - Lincoln Blvd. & 5th St.
  • 16 accidents - McBean & Lincoln Blvd.
  • 11 accidents - Lincoln Blvd. north of Gateway
  • 10 accidents - 3rd St. & Lincoln Manor
  • 10 accidents - Lincoln Blvd. & 1st St.
  • 9 accidents - D St. and McBean
  • 9 accidents - 7th St. & Lincoln Blvd.

Q. If I was injured in an accident in Lincoln, who should pay my bills? My insurance, my work insurance or the other party?

A. The “at fault” party’s insurance company will not give you money to pay your hospital or other medical bills. They will only pay you if the court orders them to do so.

Usually, pay with Auto Medpay because you have greater flexibility in who treats you. You can go to a physical therapist, doctor or chiropractor for treatment. Your health insurer will cover treatment if a doctor is on your medical plan, but they often require reimbursement at the end of your case. I can review your Medpay insurance policy and help you determine which insurance you should use.

Q. Lincoln Boulevard is notorious for accidents. Is the city responsible?

A. You are not alone with these concerns. Clients often contact me after accidents on Lincoln Boulevard, sometimes due to malfunctioning traffic signals. Drivers attempting to exit onto Lincoln from the strip malls frequently find that the flow of traffic makes a safe entry challenging.

If the City of Lincoln has been lax in light maintenance or did not properly time the lights, they might be responsible in the event of an accident. The city needs to follow specific codes and regulations for traffic signals. A knowledgeable Lincoln personal injury attorney would hire an expert, such as a traffic engineer to find out if the City did not fulfill their responsibilities, which possibly caused an accident. However, the injured party must file a claim within a strict time frame. (180 days)

Lincoln Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

I'm Ed Smith, a car accident and personal injury lawyer in Lincoln, California. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident in or around Lincoln, call me at (800) 404-5400 or (916) 921-6400 for free, friendly legal advice.

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Me and my wife; had a car accident. We were amazed how easy, professional, friendly attorney Ed Smith is along with his staff. Everybody is amazing. Thank you so much, we are very impressed! Alex & Dinah M.
Ed Smith and his office team took on a difficult personal injury case on my behalf and for the passenger in my car. Ed is a top- notch attorney. His staff couldn't have been more helpful and kind. No need to look elsewhere. I give Ed Smith my highest recommendation. Beverly
Ed and Robert have been taking great care of my husband and I for the past 5+ years. They are always there when you have a problem and a quick resolution! Even when the issues have nothing to do with them. They are willing to help ease the pain off your shoulders. They are as good as it gets! Thank you again for everything. Annie T.
Very professional. Great team, staff and service all around. Mr Smith was very honest, straight forward with his advice. He gives the word "attorney" an honest reputation. I will seek his council anytime, and would recommend him at the drop of a dime. Jeremy M.
I would highly recommend Ed Smith to any friends or family in need of a personal injury attorney. Ed, and his staff, are very caring on top of being very experienced in this field. The staff always keeps you informed of the status of your case and they are always easy to reach by phone. Shannon D.
Edward Smith law offices provide competent, thorough, and personable help for victims of personal injury. When you first meet the staff you know you contacted the right office. This law office treats clients like people. I recommend this office to anyone seeking representation regarding personal injury. David M.