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Escalon Car Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer

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Escalon is a small farming community located between the Sierra Nevada and San Francisco. In the early 1800s, freight haulers and miners traveled rough roads through this unpopulated portion of the state to the foothills, much as tourists do today heading to the Gold Country and Yosemite National Park. 

While the population of Escalon is under 7,600, the potential for an accident is still high for those commuting within the city and around San Joaquin County.

Personal Injury in Escalon 

If you need help with a personal injury matter, you've come to the right place. If you or a family member has suffered injuries in an accident, an experienced Escalon personal injury attorney can help. At the Law Offices of Edward A. Smith, we handle all types of personal injury cases.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Our law firm exclusively handles serious personal injury cases. These include:

  • Auto Products Liability
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Brain Injuries
  • Car Accidents
  • Dog Bite Injuries
  • Farm Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Truck Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
What Damages May Be Recovered in a Personal Injury Case?

Compensation is calculated in a personal injury claim in several ways. It is divided into economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages reimburse an injured person for actual expenses incurred such as medical bills and time lost from work. Noneconomic losses are those intangible elements a person suffers, including the psychological, physical, and emotional trauma associated with a crash. In a personal injury case, the following damages may be recovered:

  • Disfigurement: An injured person may seek damages for the immense amount of mental suffering and embarrassment caused by scarring. The costs of cosmetic surgery to correct the unsightly mark may also be recovered.
  • Future Wage Loss: Depending on the severity and prognosis of the injury, the injured person may be able to claim compensation for wages lost in the future, resulting from the inability to make earnings.
  • Loss of Consortium: When an injury from an accident causes damage to the marital relationship, the injured individual and/or the spouse may be able to claim the loss of spousal interaction and support. The inability to conceive children may also be reclaimed.
  • Lost Wages: Those who are injured in accidents are often unable to return to work for some time. This can make it stressful for the injured person and their family, especially if he or she is the primary provider for the household. An experienced Escalon personal injury attorney can work to reclaim past wage loss on the injured individual’s behalf. This can help provide the injured party with peace of mind while they recover from their injury.
  • Medical Expenses: This includes reimbursement of ambulance bills, treatment in the emergency room, surgeries, prescription medication costs, and visits to primary providers and other medical professionals. An injured party may be able to recover for necessary and reasonable medical expenses expected in the future.
  • Pain and Suffering: These are the intangible damages suffered after a traumatic accident. They include anxiety, lack of sleep, nightmares, emotional stress, and inconvenience associated with being injured in an unexpected collision. Although no amount of money can eliminate the mental anguish and emotional suffering caused by the incident, injured people may collect compensation for the traumatic experience they endured under California law.
  • Property Damages: These are awarded when a collision causes damage to property such that it must be replaced or repaired. In the case of a bicycle or pedestrian accident, the injured party may seek reimbursement for the cost to repair or replace personal property such as clothing, glasses, and watches.
  • Punitive Damages: These are not as common as economic and noneconomic damages. However, they are considered an essential part of a personal injury case. They may be claimed for injuries caused by an egregious act. While these do not recover for the loss, they are intended to punish the negligent party and deter them from committing such actions in the future.
How Long Do I Have to Make a Claim After an Accident?

The time to file a claim varies upon the type of case you are bringing. In a personal injury case, an injured party has two years from the date of the incident to file. For minors, the statute of limitations is tolled or extended until they turn 18 years old. After that time, they must file a personal injury claim within 2 years. If the incident involved a government vehicle or government entity, the statute is shortened to six months or 180 days from the date of loss. If the deadline is not met, it is likely the case will be dismissed by the court.

Is There Enough Insurance?

When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by a driver who lacks insurance or has insufficient coverage to cover your damages, you may be able to seek compensation from your own insurance company. This is possible so long as you carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage will usually pay for any losses incurred by you and any passengers in your vehicle. This may also apply if you are a cyclist or pedestrian injured by a negligent driver, depending upon the specific language of the insurance contract. Since it is often challenging to navigate contractual language, it is essential to contact an experienced Escalon car accident attorney who can review your insurance policy to ensure you receive fair compensation.

How to Find the Right Attorney

It is critical to find the right Escalon auto accident attorney to handle your case. This can make the difference for a successful outcome. You want to retain an attorney who solely practices personal injury law and someone you feel comfortable discussing your case with. To determine whether a lawyer may be a good fit, you can browse reviews of their law office on Avvo, Google, and Yelp.  For more information on how to choose the right lawyer for your case, watch the below video to help you make the right decision.

What If I Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

Most injury lawyers take in cases on a contingency fee agreement. This allows injured parties to retain a lawyer after an accident without having to come up with the money to pay an attorney. This allows injured people to focus on recovering without financial worry while the attorneys begin working on the case. A fee is only to be collected if the lawyer obtains a successful outcome on your case.

Escalon, California FAQ

Which intersections in Escalon have a high rate of car wrecks?

The intersections in Escalon that have seen a higher-than-average number of auto accidents from 2015 to 2017 include:

  • California Street and Walnut Avenue
  • David Drive and Jackson Avenue
  • Jones Road and McHenry Avenue
  • Lillian Avenue and Escalon Avenue
  • Main Street and 3rd Street
  • McHenry Avenue and Ullrey Avenue
  • Plaza Avenue and Route 120
  • Route 120 and Brennan Avenue
  • Third Street and Route 120
  • Walnut Avenue and Route 120
How an Escalon Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Being involved in a car wreck can be traumatic and potentially life-threatening. Those involved often suffer catastrophic injuries or even lost their lives. Recovery for a severe injury can take months or even years. This is why you should hold the negligent driver responsible for your damages by retaining an experienced car accident attorney in Escalon. Since filing a personal injury claim is not always straightforward, having an injury attorney on your side with experience litigating these types of cases is critical for obtaining the compensation you need and deserve.

Escalon Personal Injury Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, an Escalon car accident lawyer. An injured person may be left in a state of confusion after an accident. This can be relieved by the insight an experienced injury lawyer can provide. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident and have questions about your case, reach out to me anytime to receive my free, friendly case advice at (209) 227-1931 or toll-free at (800) 404-5400.

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