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Featuring scenic trails and towering redwoods, as well as Crescent, Kellogg, and South beaches, Crescent City is a popular spot for bicyclists and tourists. Known for its bike-friendly environment, Pebble Beach Drive offers stunning views of the sea stacks and coves. Many cyclists enjoy the scenery and exercise along this scenic drive daily. 

Bicycling also provides an alternative to driving a vehicle, walking to work or school or exercising in a gym. However, the dangers associated with cycling persist. Bicyclists are injured every year as a result of drivers either being negligent or ignoring the right of way. 

Bicyclist Injuries and Fatalities

Between 2017 and 2019, Del Norte County saw 19 bicycle riders injured or killed in accidents, according to the California Office of Traffic Safety. However, many bicycle accidents go unreported every year, which means that the numbers may be much higher. A personal injury or wrongful death claim may be filed with the help of an experienced lawyer when the cause of the accident is a negligent motorist or entity.

Getting Help After a Bicycle Accident

The Crescent City bicycle accident attorneys at are equipped to help bicycle riders who have been injured through negligence receive the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured in a bicycle collision, our investigation can provide the evidence you need to file a strong claim for the recovery of medical expenses, wages that you lost and compensation for your pain and suffering.

What Are the Bicycle Accidents Caused by Negligence?

You can learn how to avoid bicycle crashes by understanding what causes them. Bicycle riders are killed 58 percent of the time outside of intersections and 45 percent occur after dark across the nation. The following are some of the most common types of car accidents that involve bicycle riders:

  • Right turns: Drivers have a tendency to forget to look for bicyclists when making a right turn. The vehicle will end up directly in the path of the cyclist if the motorist does not look before turning when a bicyclist is approaching a vehicle from the right.
  • Rear-end crashes: A driver may not be able to stop in time to avoid a rear-end collision if he or she is distracted or following too closely. Rear-end collisions account for 40 percent of all bicycle accidents.
  • Accidents while backing: A driver crossing into a cyclist's path as they exit a side street, alley, or driveway can cause a collision. Drivers frequently do not spot the rider because they are not paying enough attention.
  • Sideswipe accidents: In California, motorists must keep a distance of three feet from bicycle riders in order to prevent a sideswipe collision. Those who fail to do so and cause an accident are negligent.
  • Intersection dangers: Forty-two percent of all bicycle accidents occur at intersections. In some areas, bicycle lanes are not designated, which increases the risk of injury to riders. The rider must also contend with traffic coming from all directions and motorists that are making a right turn, which causes them to cut into the bike lane.
  • Dooring accidents: Accidents with bicycles on busy streets are often dooring accidents. If the driver or a passenger opens the door of a vehicle that is parked on the side without checking for a bicyclist, it could lead to a catastrophic accident injury.
Negligence Can Lead to a Crescent City Bicycle Accident

Bicyclists can avoid many accidents by being responsible riders and most do. However, bicycle riders are often seriously injured in accidents due to their vulnerability. Cyclists can suffer injuries or fatalities because of some common risky behaviors exhibited by the drivers of passenger vehicles:

  • Speeding: Accidents with bicycle riders are commonly caused by speeding. In addition to the reduced ability of the driver to stop in an emergency, the higher speed increases the risk of injuries and fatalities when a bicyclist is involved.
  • Drunk driving: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a contributing factor to many traffic accidents. As a consequence, someone riding a bicycle may end up suffering serious injuries due to the lack of judgment and poor reflexes and vision of the driver who is impaired.
  • Driving distracted: Driving while distracted is a major cause of accidents since drivers talk on the phone or text while on the road. Changing the radio station, talking with passengers and eating and drinking are other ways to be distracted while driving.
  • Fatigue: A fatigued driver can easily cause an accident involving a cyclist if he or she is behind the wheel of a vehicle. It is possible to become fatigued as a result of a medical condition that goes untreated, working shifts that change frequently, or staying up late the night before.
How Are Bicycle Collision Investigations Conducted?

A Crescent City bicycle accident lawyer can conduct an investigation to uncover the evidence that supports a client’s claim for compensation. By doing so, it enables the lawyer to build a strong case for recouping financial damages. The investigators from our team go to the accident scene right away to talk to witnesses and to check the police report for errors. We also collect the following types of evidence:

  • Investigators search through traffic surveillance footage and business cameras to find evidence of the accident.
  • When accidents involve bicyclists, it is important to see if the driver violated the three-foot distance rule that is in place in California.
  • The investigators then perform accident reconstruction, which can reveal how a crash occurred and indicate specific kinds of negligence on the part of the driver.
  • A government entity may be liable for damages if the investigators discover road damage or other negligence that caused the accident. An injury lawyer can handle the claim for you to ensure it is within the statute of limitations. In a government claim, the injured party has six months to file. The government entity has 45 days to either respond or not. If they reject the claim, the injured person has to initiate a lawsuit within six months. If no answer is received, they have up to two years to file a lawsuit.

Our lawyers will begin building a strong case to support our client’s compensation claim once all the accident evidence has been gathered. If possible, it can be used to negotiate with the insurance company on the client's behalf. Due to the fact that not all insurers are cooperative and try to lower or deny a claim, there is also the possibility of using the evidence in civil court.

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Crescent City Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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